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Residential and Commercial Services

Proper and up-to-date electrical wiring of your home or commercial property is important not only for comfort but also for the safety of your family or employees. Boweaks Electrical Solutions is licensed and insured to offer electrician services for both residential and commercial clients on Oahu.

Residential Repairs

The most common residential repairs include troubleshooting of power outlets and switches, and replacing ceiling fans and lights. We start by measuring the overall power and the power leaving the breaker feeding the affected section of your house. Then we check the switches for loose wires and ensure the right types of lightbulbs are installed and properly secured.

Ceiling Fan Installations

On Oahu, ceiling fan installations are one of the most frequent jobs for a residential electrician. Depending on how the rooms are prewired, we install ceiling fans with a switch on the wall or on the unit. We can also upgrade the switch to a remote control with variable speed settings.

Dimmer Switch Installations

Dimmed lighting is increasingly popular in modern homes. The right level of light can set a pleasant ambiance and greatly enhance the mood of the room. When upgrading your room lighting, we help you choose the right dimmer switches depending on the load, the right type, either single-pole, three-way, or multi-location, and recommend the best bulbs for the wattage and light temperature.

Appliance and Dryer Hookups

We typically provide free estimates beforehand. Each appliance requires a dedicated circuit and some, like dryers or kitchen stoves, may require higher voltage. We'll check if your distribution panel has expansion space, determine the best location for appliances, analyze the power requirements, determine how the wires should run (recessed or surface-mounted), and provide a detailed quote with a supply list, time estimate, and general recommendations. If we have all necessary supplies and availability, we can often start the job on the same day.

Surge Protection

With all of the new types of residential surge protectors today, we can install a surge protector for the entire house that will either fit outside on your meter box or inside on the hot side of your distribution panel. This elegant solution eliminates need for all clunky surge-protector extension cords or plugs placed with each protected appliance.

Backup Generators

Is your home ready for a major power outage? Each month, we install several residential backup power generators in Oahu. You can select a basic model for power that will feed specific items on your property. Or choose a full backup system to power the entire home in the event of an outage. Your backup generator can switch over automatically in case there’s a power outage. We also provide quarterly maintenance to ensure your backup generator is ready when you need it.

Panel Replacement

If a breaker gets outdated or the there’s no room for new circuits, the entire distribution panel should be replaced. Boweaks Electrical Solutions provides very competitive rates for panel replacement.

Home Remodels and Room Additions

Looking to remodel your home? Electrical installations are a large and growing portion of our business. We offer some of the most competitive rates in Oahu for distribution panel replacements, running of new wires, and installation of outlets, switches, connectors, and ceiling boxes.

Security Lighting

In most cases, security lighting requires new dedicated circuits, custom fixtures, running the wires, and motion detectors. We can handle it all.

Aluminum Wire Replacements

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a home fire is 55 times more likely in homes that use wired with aluminum instead of copper. Unfortunately, many Oahu homes have aluminum electrical service. In particular, wires that feed large, power-hungry appliances can deteriorate (oxidize) over time, which increases resistance to the flow of electric current. The result: Overheating that can gradually reach unsafe levels. Complete replacement with copper wires is the best remedy – but not all homes must be completely rewired. We offer budget-friendly solutions that "pig-tail" aluminum wires with COPALUM or AlumiConn connectors.


Additional Electrician Services

  • Electrical wiring for new constructions
  • Low-voltage wires
  • Inspection and code corrections
  • Track and accent lighting installations
  • Recessed lights
  • Touch plate lighting
  • Smoke detectors
  • Exhaust fans
  • Water heater installations
  • Parking lot lighting maintenance
  • Apartment complex lighting and maintenance
  • Neon sign maintenance and repairs
  • Load and power analysis
  • Emergency lighting
  • Machine shop wiring with special high-voltage lines


Boweaks Electric wired my home for a backup generator and also some minor stuff, such as a ceiling fan in the living room and new track lighting in my kitchen. They were professional, knowledgeable, and fast. They did not try to up sell me on anything and finished all their work within their estimate. My husband I and were very happy with the work and will use them again in the future!

Pat WalkerHonolulu, HI

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